Long Chu Festival

Time: The 15th day of the seventh lunar month.

Place: Villages of coastal areas in Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province.

Characteristics: Worshipping to exterminate harmful insects and plagues at the changes season.

This festival of the boatmen living around Hoi An is believed to hold back epidemics and diseases in the transition of a season. It takes place in the communal house or in the administration house of the village.
Long Chu is a royal boat, a symbol of divinity able to scare away epidemics and diseases. Therefore, the festival includes a procession to carry a royal bamboo-structured boat and fabric-paper elephant from the communal house to the river wharf and the launching of rafts and boats into the river and sea.
Before the festival, sorcerers set up an incense table and perform exorcisms. Accompanying them is a procession of young folks holding spears and scimitars in order to clean up village roads and bushes, while singing alternate songs cheerfully. On the main festive day, the religious chief conducts a sacrificial service. After that, a procession begins to carry the royal boat around the village to drive away evil spirits, epidemics and diseases.
On festive days, there are often bo, ho khoan, xo co singing performances and folk games. Local people flock to the festival, turning it into a jubilant event.
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